The Ladies by Kylie Ogilvie



DIMENSIONS (Height - 42.00 cm X Width - 30.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Gouache on Paper
GENRE Cartoon
REGISTERED NRN # 000-36987-0139-01
COPYRIGHT © Kylie Ogilvie
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Artist: Kylie Ogilvie


Hi There,
I love to use posca pens only! They enable me to have more control with my lines. I used to use 0000 paint brush. Then I found Posca Pens, and never looked back. Thanks Mitsubishi! I have been drawing since I could hold a pen. I have always loved to draw to relax and be creative. I haven\'t studied any form of visual arts. Which tends to give my drawings a naïveté feel. Which seems to appeal to people....maybe due to their simplicity?
I left school and studied a BA in acting. I then thought I need aback up job so I studied a BA in Justice Administration. And working at nights as a d.j in the Valley. When in 3rd year I suffered a heart attack which was a congenital birth defect that I was completely unaware of. This followed an operation which basically cured me...yay!
During this time I had a lot of time to think about life and how unpredictable it actually is. I was 25! So I began to draw so much more to begin my healing process mentally and physically. I\'m so lucky I had a love that allowed me to be active and creative without having to leave the house.
I love colour and all cartoons ever!
I have been inspired by our own Aussie Michael Leunig. And the very funny Gary Larson. When it comes to the great artists. My first loves were Picasso and Andy Warhol. When it comes to street artists. Off course Keith Haring and Blek le Rat. Skate board deck art there is only one artist I adore! Mark Gonzales who owns Krooked.
Now I\'m a proud mum of an 11 yr old boy...Monty. I have 2 Devon Rex cats and one crazy poodle! And also my very helpful Gordon, who is my I.T guy, Montys dad, main support of my art and friend for life.
I do have a website- www.kloc-cartoons.
Please visit it!
Where I sell gift cards of some of my art.
Thanks for caring and viewing! Be kind to animals!

Kylie Ogilvie.

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