Right Track by Yvonne Mcglone



DIMENSIONS (Height - 49.00 cm X Width - 59.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-35835-0138-01
COPYRIGHT © Yvonne Mcglone
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Artist: Yvonne Mcglone


I cannot remember a time when I did not create artworks of some kind, mostly for my own pleasure.  I won an art prize in my last year at Primary School and much to my surprise my entry was framed and hung in the principals office (I actually really wanted it back but had a transistor radio instead!).   At teacher's college in the UK, I majored in art and there sold my first painting to someone who saw it while visiting the college.  

Throughout my career as a Prmary School Teacher I particularly enjoyed nurturing a love of art in my students, knowing how much pleasure and balance it brings to life.

During a brief time at home when my children were small I painted various works on request for family and friends and these ranged from portraits to the Palace and Loch in our Scottish tourist town.  Before long I was selling work in the local gift shop.

My story of career and family coming first for a number of years is not uncommon but now I have retred and am eagerly pursuing my passion to create once again.

I moved to Encounter Bay and entered my first Rotary Art Show in 2011.   I was delighted and encouraged by the sale of one of my entries at that show.

I currently take part in a weekly art group with Alfred Engel, have recently joined Gallery 88 in Yankallila and also subscribe to Australian Artist Magazine all in an effort to increase my skills and produce quality artworks.  I mainly paint in oil, sometimes in acrylic and have recently had lessons in watercolour.  I also draw with anything that will make marks! 

My goals are to challenge myself, enjoy the journey, learn from those who know more than I do and to share what I have to offer.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this online community,

Yvonne McGlone

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