Get Stuffed...we Just Beat The World by Sophie Downey

ARTIST NOTES: Celebrating Michelle Payne's victory in the 2015 Melbourne Cup, the first female Jockey to do so.
I ended up donating this, one of my favourite paintings, to Support Act SA, a charity which assists musicians who have fallen upon hard times. Being a musician myself, and observing how difficult it is to make in income in music, I thought this was a cause worthy of receiving a gift depicting this enormous win for Michelle Payne. She slogged it out in a world where the odds were against her, as a female jockey and in this particular race. I was going to give this to her in the event that she would sit for an Archibald Prize entry. But I couldn't get through to her so I gave it to Support Act. Hopefully one day when my Prince of Penzance comes in for me, (in whatever form he happens to take), I can do a Michelle, and say something like "youse can all get stuffed."


DIMENSIONS (Height - 41.00 cm X Width - 51.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Wood
REGISTERED NRN # 000-37071-0144-01
COPYRIGHT © Sophie Downey
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Artist: Sophie Downey


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